Addison - Toasting-Glasses Poem

Written on the Toasting-Glasses of the Kit-Kat Club

On The Lady Manchester

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While haughty Gallia's dames, that pread
O'er their pale cheeks, an artful red,
Beheld this beauteous stranger there
In native charms, divinely fair;
Confusion in their looks they show'd;
And with unborrow'd blushes glow'd.


Taken from Joseph Addison, The Poetical Works of Joseph Addison. With the Life of the Author. Cooke's edition. Embellished with superb engravings. Printed for C. Cooke, No. 17, Paternoster-Row: and sold by all the booksellers in Great-Britain and Ireland (London), 1796, p. 146. Full text by ECCO. Translated by Denis Diderot in L'Enclyclopédie, tome 16, p. 383 ("Toilette"). See full volume from Bibliothèque Mazarine.

Image: William Hogarth, The Kit Kat Club,  Lotherton Hall, Leeds Museums and Galleries

William Hogarth, The Kit Kat Klub