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‘The Coffeehous Mob’ (c. 1710), frontispiece to Edward Ward, The Fourth Part of Vulgus Britannicus: or the British Hudibras, (35.5 x 26.2 cm), British Museum [BM] Department of Prints and Drawings, Catalogue of English Cartoons and Satirical Prints, 1320–1832, [BM Sat.] 1539


Coffeehouses were key centres of sociability in eighteenth-century Britain. They played an important role both as real spaces for social interaction and as virtual places in which normative ideals of urban and polite sociability were imagined.
James Gillray


A concise history of the eighteenth-century tavern, including its reputation for bawdy and licentious behaviour in the early decades of the century, and efforts to clean up taverns in the mid-century, resulting in large, elegant metropolitan taverns, which could house large balls, public meetings, and political dinners.

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