Doctor in English Literature and Teaching Associate (Lectrice) à St John's College, Cambridge.

Sorbonne Université, St John's College Cambridge.

Research expertise

Seventeenth-century English theatre; Restoration politics; Restoration comedy; sociologie of theatre.



London theatres (and their audiences)

The analysis of theatrical prologues and epilogues, and of the sociological make-up of audiences and performance spaces, paints a picture of London theatre during the long eighteenth century as a complex ecosystem of sociabilities in which socio-economics and gender dynamics converged, making it a prime space of sociability.

English theatre (and transnational sociability)

In the so-called ‘long‘ eighteenth century (starting in 1660), the theatre can be seen as sociable space more than a site for a purely aesthetic experience. The sociability of the theatre however goes far beyond the space of the physical theatre itself.
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