SASSO Eleonora

Associate professor

University of Chieti-Pescara. Department of Language, Literature and Modern Culture.

Research expertise

British literature and culture; Orientalism; the Pre-Raphaelites; cognitive linguistics; audio-visual translation; Women writers; Canadian studies.


Places Practices Concepts


Georgian menageries are to be seen as the predecessors to the more formal zoological societies of the Victorian era. As the British Empire expanded, private and public menageries were populated by exotic animals seen as objects of fascination and wonder and whose aim was to entertain visitors and guests as well as to satisfy the curiosity for the animal world.

Exotic mania

During the long eighteenth century, a huge wave of exotic mania led to various social interactions characterised by the refinement of manners and the love of luxury. The term ‘exotic’ was associated with unfamiliar flora and fauna as well as with rare objects exhibited in places of sociability such as gardens, public and private menageries, museums, salons, tea-rooms, theatres, opera houses and many others.