WALTON Charles


University of Warwick, Department of History, Early Modern and Eighteenth Century Centre

Research expertise

French history, Ancien Régime, Enlightenment and Revolutionary France, with emphases on rights, political economy and socio-economic justice.


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Political clubs during the French Revolution

This entry examines the political clubs of the French Revolution, focusing especially on the Jacobin Club. It explores the reasons why the clubs strayed from their initial ideals of civil debate and succumbed to lethal factionalism.

Saint Domingue

This entry discusses the various forms of public sociability in pre-revolutionary Saint Domingue and how they became increasingly racialised. Despite European ideas about the unifying tendency of sociability, divisions existed along social, racial and gender lines.
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Reciprocity in France

This entry traces the uses and meaning of the term ‘reciprocity’ in the French Enlightenment.