DILLE Catherine

Associate Professor

History Department at Richmond American International University in London.

Research expertise

Women’s travel writing and lexicography in the eighteenth century; the history of education in Britain between 1700 and 1850; schoolboy culture and family history in the early modern period.


Lecturer and Serra-Hunter Fellow

Department of English, University of Lleida (Catalonia)

Research expertise

Ageing studies; narratives of disease; contemporary detective fiction; Victorian and Gothic fiction under a feminist perspective.

DOMSCH Sebastian

Professor in British studies

Department of English and North American studies, University of Greifswald

Research expertise

Contemporary literature; literary criticism (theory, practice, history); eighteenth century; culture, narration, and authority; romanticism; computer game narratology; graphic novels


Head of International Cooperation, Research engineer.

CNRS (TGIR Huma-Num).

Research expertise

Social sciences and humanities; French literature; blockchain technologies and usages; cultural and societal practices; Open Science; digital environment; epistemology of Digital Humanities; outreach and advocacy; citizen science.


Doctoral Student

Université Paris Cité, laboratoire LARCA

Research expertise

English romanticism; poetry; William Wordsworth


Maître de conférences en civilisation britannique.

Université Bordeaux-Montaigne, Langues, Littératures et Civilisations.

Research expertise

Discours politique dans la Grande-Bretagne du long XVIIIe siècle; identité nationale; sociabilité.


Lecturer, Department of French and Italian

Stanford University, California

Research expertise

Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century French Literature; Cultural History; Epistolary Practices; Digital Humanities; Media History

ELLIS Markman

Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Queen Mary, University of London.

Research expertise

Eighteenth-century literature and culture; eighteenth-century London and literature; science; criticism and intellectual culture in the eighteenth century; sensibility and women's writing in the eighteenth century; slavery and empire in eighteenth-century culture.


Senior lecturer in British literature

University of Caen

Research expertise

Poetry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; John Keats and British romanticism; British novel; letter-writing


Assistant Professor of Dance

Kent State University

Research expertise

Ballet, choreography and performance in the nineteenth century; questions of ownership, memory, and transference within and through the body.

ERLE Sibylle

PhD in English LIterature

Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, UK.

Research expertise

Blake, death, physiognomy and monsters; Blake’s significance for other cultures; fairy Spaces; Fuseli, Lavater, Tennyson and Ludwig Meidner.

FANG Louise

Lecturer in English Literature

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Research expertise

Shakespeare and early modern theatre.