Lecturer and Serra-Hunter Fellow

Department of English, University of Lleida (Catalonia)

Research expertise

Ageing studies; narratives of disease; contemporary detective fiction; Victorian and Gothic fiction under a feminist perspective.

DOMSCH Sebastian

Professor in British studies

Department of English and North American studies, University of Greifswald

Research expertise

Contemporary literature; literary criticism (theory, practice, history); eighteenth century; culture, narration, and authority; romanticism; computer game narratology; graphic novels


Head of International Cooperation, Research engineer.

CNRS (TGIR Huma-Num).

Research expertise

Social sciences and humanities; French literature; blockchain technologies and usages; cultural and societal practices; Open Science; digital environment; epistemology of Digital Humanities; outreach and advocacy; citizen science.


Doctoral Student

Université Paris Cité, laboratoire LARCA

Research expertise

English romanticism; poetry; William Wordsworth


Maître de conférences en civilisation britannique.

Université Bordeaux-Montaigne, Langues, Littératures et Civilisations.

Research expertise

Discours politique dans la Grande-Bretagne du long XVIIIe siècle; identité nationale; sociabilité.


Lecturer, Department of French and Italian

Stanford University, California

Research expertise

Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century French Literature; Cultural History; Epistolary Practices; Digital Humanities; Media History

ELLIS Markman

Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Queen Mary, University of London.

Research expertise

Eighteenth-century literature and culture; eighteenth-century London and literature; science; criticism and intellectual culture in the eighteenth century; sensibility and women's writing in the eighteenth century; slavery and empire in eighteenth-century culture.


Senior lecturer in British literature

University of Caen

Research expertise

Poetry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; John Keats and British romanticism; British novel; letter-writing


Assistant Professor of Dance

Kent State University

Research expertise

Ballet, choreography and performance in the nineteenth century; questions of ownership, memory, and transference within and through the body.

ERLE Sibylle

PhD in English LIterature

Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, UK.

Research expertise

Blake, death, physiognomy and monsters; Blake’s significance for other cultures; fairy Spaces; Fuseli, Lavater, Tennyson and Ludwig Meidner.

FANG Louise

Lecturer in English Literature

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Research expertise

Shakespeare and early modern theatre.


Associate Professor

Université Paris Cité

Research expertise

Material culture especially textile and dress (17th-19th century); global history; environmental history.