Sociability and the Discourses of Nature in the Long Eighteenth Century

Tackling the following topics with reference to British, Continental and Trans-Atlantic material:
Part I - The Nature of Sociability / Sociability as Nature
- sociability and philosophies of human nature;
- society vs. sociability;
- passions, emotions and sociability;
- body, health and sociability;
- nature-artifice dialectic and sociability (e.g. politeness, hypocrisy, manners, fashion and sociability).
Part II - Ecologies of Sociability / Environments of Sociability
- nature-art dialectic and sociability (pleasure gardens, estate gardens, public parks, etc. and sociable practices)
- city-country dialectic and sociability
- wilderness and sociability (e.g. in the Gothic)
- the picturesque and sociability (e.g. scenic tours and sociability)
- ecological sociability (e.g. idling, slow travel)
Send your proposals (100-200 word abstracts) by the end of May 2021. The provisional timeline is as follows:
Abstracts – end of May 2021
Draft papers – late 2021/early 2022 – for the Bydgoszcz seminar
Final drafts – end of May 2022.
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