Maîtresse de conférences en civilisation britannique.

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.

Research expertise

Etudes écossaises au XVIIe siècle; les origines de l’Union; identité(s) britannique(s); politique et religion en Écosse et en Angleterre au XVIe-XVIIe siècles.


Lieux Pratiques

Edinburgh clubs and societies

This entry gives an overview of the clubs and societies in Edinburgh during the long eighteenth century. These were indeed a reflection of the expectations of the Scottish society.

Scottish clans

This entry gives an overview of the social structures, manners and sociability of the Scottish clans during the long 18th century. It presents the debates about their place in the Scottish and British societies in the context of the Union of 1707 and the Jacobite rebellions as well as of the Enlightenment ideas of improvement in society.
Concepts Individus
Individus Lieux

James, Duke of York and Albany (and court culture in Edinburgh)

This entry explains how the stay of James, Duke of York and Albany, and his court in Edinburgh (1679-1682) changed some of the forms of sociability. Indeed, it refashioned a royal court in the Scottish capital at a time when the merchant class had come to be the elite.