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Podcasts of GIS talks

Cycle of talks : Cultural Transfers in European, Colonial and Global Contexts (1650-1850): the Circulation of Models of Sociability.


  • Susanne SCHMID (Lecturer in English Literature and Culture, Berlin Free University) : "'We dined upon the very edge of the crater': British Women Travellers in Italy, Sociability and Cultural Transfer".
    Maison de la Recherche, Paris, 13 April 2019:

  • Mrinalini SINHA (Professor in History, University of Michigan, USA) : "Undoing Imperial Sociability: The Indianization of an Imperial Institution and the Limits of Cultural Transfers".
    Maison de la Recherche, Paris7 December 2018:
  • Bertrand VAN RUYMBEKE (Professor in American civilization, Université Paris 8 / IUF) : "L'Amérique au concours. Les Académies en France et le Nouveau Monde au XVIIIe siècle".
    Musée Cognacq-Jay, 5 April 2019:
  • Stéphane VAN DAMME (Professor in Modern History, European University Institute, Florence, Italie) : "Globaliser la culture antiquaire française : Paul Lucas, marchand, espion et collectionneur au seuil des Lumières".
    Musée Cognacq-Jay, 17 May 2019:




Video clips

Created by the audiovisual service of the UBO (the DUN), these video clips contrast eighteenth-century objects and practices of sociability with today’s practices. Reflecting on eighteenth-century sociable practices should also make us think of how and why we use these forms of sociability today and what values we attached to these objects and practices.

Iconographic sources



Pictures in the Anthology


XVIIth century

                           Pictures in the  Encyclopaedia


Frontispiece of Robert Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, third edition (1628)

Hobbes De Cive_0.png


Frontispiece of 1647 edition of Thomas Hobbes, Philosophicall Rudiments Concerning Government and Society.



Frontispiece of Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan (1651).

nell gwyn_0.jpg


Antoine Masson, Nell Gwyn and her two sons (c.1677-80).


Sir Godfrey Kneller, James II (1684).


Jan van Cleve, Portrait of Henry Oldenburg (1688)


Robert Hooke, The Hospital of Bethlem [Bedlam] at Moorfields (c. 1700)




XVIIIth century

Kit Kat Club by Hogarth


William Hogarth, The Kit Kat Club (n.d.). Toasting glasses  (1703), (1703), (b. 1719).

London Spy


Frontispiece of The fourth part of Vulgus Britannicus (1710).


‘The Coffeehous Mob’ , frontispiece to The Fourth Part of Vulgus Britannicus (c. 1710)



Anon., A satire of women's social discourse in the Queen Anne period showing six women taking tea in a parlor. Circa 1710.


The first issue of The Spectator (1711).

    spectator 1711


Frontispiece of The Spectator Volume the First (London: J & R Tonson & S Draper, 1747),  no. 10 (12 March 1711), no. 11 (13 March 1711), no. 49 (26 April  1711), no. 68 (18 May 1711), no. 69 (19 May 1711), no. 454 (11 August 11 1712),  no. 383 (20 May 1712), no. 433. Also in 1788 edition.

shaftesbury 1711


Frontispiece from Anthony Ashley Cooper, Characteristicks, of men, manners, opinions, times, &c. In three volumes.  (1711).


Sir Godfrey Kneller, Joseph Addison (c. 1712).

Trivia 1716  

Frontispiece to the second edition of John Gay, Trivia: Or the Art of Walking the Streets (1716).


Toastmaster's glass containing a small silver coin (c. 1725).



Frontispiece of The Gentleman's Magazineno. 58 (11 February 1731), no. 155 (25 September 1731), II, n°18 (June 1732).



William Hogarth,   A Rake's Progress series(1697–1764), "In The Madhouse" (c. 1732-1735).



William Hogarth, Midnight Modern Conversation (1733).


George Bickham, The Moorfields congregation with George Whitefield (1739). 

Hogarth Characters and Caricaturas (1743)


William Hogarth, Characters and Caricaturas (1743).



Joseph Highmore, Conversation piece (c. 1744).

harlowe family


Joseph Highmore, The Harlowe Family, from Samuel Richardson's "Clarissa" (btw. 1745 and 1747).


Joseph Highmore, Samuel Richardson (c. 1747).


Jan Huber, Voltaire on the theatre scene (1750-1775).



John Bowles, Ranelagh Rotunda (1751).



Samuel Wale, A General Prospect of Vaux Hall Gardens (1751).



John Bowles, St. James's Square, London (circa 1752).

Game players


Pierre-Louis Dumesnil, Interior with Card Players (1752).


Thomas Bowles, The Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens in Chelsea (1754).


Wooden and carved doll in an 18th century costume (1755-1760).


Anon., The Scheming Triumvirate (1760).


Louis Carrogis Carmontelle, Marie de Vichy-Chamrond, marquise du Deffand (1760).

    Du Deffand

William Hoare, Richard ('Beau') Nash (c. 1761)

    Beau Nash
Tailpiece, or The Bathos - The Metropolitan Museum of Art_0_0.jpg


William Hogarth, Tailpiece, or The Bathos (3 March 1764).

Roxana in her Turkish habit (1765)


Frontispiece "Roxana in her Turkish habit", The Life and adventures of Roxana (1765).


Anon., The Tea-Table (1766).

    Richard Samuel, Portraits in the Characters of the Muses in the Temple of Apollo (1778).     Montagu
Chesterfield Wit a-la-mode


Frontispiece of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Wit a-la-mode (1778). See 139 (10 January 1765) and  161 (26 August 1766).

Frenchman in London (1770)


Charles White, The Frenchman in London (1770).

Sandby Wild


Paul Sandby, Jonathan Wild (c. 1770).


Joseph Nickolls, St James's Park and The Mall (1771).

    Saint James

Johna Joseph Zoffany, The Academicians of the Royal Academy (1771-72).

Repas des philosophes


Jean Huber, Le repas des philosophes (1772-73).

New Bath Guide


Frontispiece of The New Bath Guide (1776).

Gilray Politeness


James Gilray, Politeness (1779).

walpole's nieces at strawberry by joshua_reynolds_1781


Joshua Reynolds, Walpole's nieces at Strawberry Hill (1781).


Thomas Rowlandson, [A posting inn] (1781).


 Charles Loraine Smith, A Sunday concert (1782).

    Musical evenings

Thomas Rowlandson, Vauxhall Gardens (c. 1784).



Anon., A D[evonshir]e rout or Reynard in his element (1784).


Joshua Reynolds,  Portrait of James Boswell of Auchinleck (1785).

Two friends


Anon., “The Two Friends” (1786).




Thomas Rowlandson, Tea (Picturesque Beauties of Boswell, Part the First) (1786).


Thomas Gainsborough, Portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (1787)


Pietro Antonio Martini, Le Salon de 1787 au Louvre (1787).

    Salon du Louvre
rowlandson hypochondria.png


Thomas Rowlandson, The Hypochondriac (1788).


Mounted fan-leaf, with a plan of the King's Theatre (1788).


Isaac Cruikshank Les Sacrifices forcés (1789)_1.jpg


Isaac Cruikshank, Les sacrifices forcés (1789).


James Gillray, A Birmingham toast, as given on the 14th of July, by the - Revolution Society (1791).


Ecclesiastic opinions concerning the Devil!! (1791)


Anon., Ecclesiastic opinions concerning the Devil!! (1791).


James Gillray, Anti-saccharites, -or- John Bull and his family leaving off the use of sugar (1792).

Promenade in St. James's Park (London, 1793)


Anon., Promenade in St. James's Park (London, 1793).

Wedding Smollett


Thomas Rowlandson, The Wedding of Lismahago and Tabitha (1793).

Connoisseur 1793


Frontispiece of The Connoisseur. By Mr. Town, Critic and Censor-general (1793).

Smoking Club Gilray


James Gillray, Smoking club (1793).


Henry Bone, Joseph Farington (1794).

gilray 1795


James Gillray, Copenhagen house (1795) and trial.


Isaac Cruikshank, Debating Society (1795).

Locked Jaw


Anon., A lock'd jaw for John Bull (1795).

Gilray politesse


James Gilray, High-change in Bond Street,-ou -la politesse du grande monde (1796).

Drunken Lovers by Thomas Rowlandson (1798)


Thomas Rowlandson, Drunken Lovers (1798).

Cruikshank English improvement on French nation (Huntingdon Library)


Isaac Cruikshank, English improvement on French nation (1799).

Gilray 1795


James Gillray, "A little music - or - the delights of harmony" (n.d.). See Musical evenings 1, 2, 3, 4.




XIXth century


James Gillray, Anacreontick's in full song (1801).


S.T. Coleridge, Sketch map & notes of the Lake District from Notebook (Vol II)(1802).


James Northcote, William Godwin (1802).



James Gillray, L'Assemblée Nationale (1804).


C. Lamb after G. M. Woodward, ‘A Sudden Thought’ (1804).

Benjamin West  

Benjamin West, Diploma of the Highland Society of London (1805).


Thomas Rowlandson, Miseries of London (1807).

    Rowlandson streets

Thomas Rowlandson, The Exhibition Room at Somerset House (1808).

    Royal Academy
Air Loom (1810)


James Tilly Matthews's 'Air Loom'  (1810).


Thomas Rowlandson, 'John Bull at the Italian Opera' (1811) (1).



bull 1









Thomas Rowlandson, 'John Bull at the Italian Opera' (1811) (2).

    bull 2
Rowlandson and Bluestockings (1815)


Thomas Rowlandson, Breaking Up of the Blue Stocking Club (1815): Montagu and More.


Robert Wilkinson, Proscenium of the English Opera House in the Strand (1817).

    opera House


Anon., "Nine Tailors making a man!-or foreign habits for a native prince!" (1819).


C. Williams, Equipt for a Northern Visit (1822).

    Scottish clans

Inn Rowlandson 1822


Thomas Rowlandson, White Lion Inn, Ponder's End, Middlesex (1822).


Henry William Pickersgill, Hannah More (1822).

    hannah more

Edward Villiers Rippingille, The Travellers' Breakfast (1824) - Dorothy (1798 and 1800).


Couché fils, Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni (1826).


Henry Adlard, Mary Berry; Agnes Berry (c. 1830-1860)

White Conduit House Islington


Edward Henry Dixon, Old White Conduit House (1831).


George Richmond, William Wilberforce (1833).


John Burnet, Fictitious portrait of Robert Burns (c. 1838).


Anon. The Execution of James Renwick (1843).


D. George Thompson, A literary party at Sir Joshua Reynolds's (1851).

charles ii


Anon., "Charles II. introducing Lady Castlemaine at Court". Illustration from John Cassell's Illustrated History of England (W Kent, 1857/1858).

Christmas tree


Anon. A Christmas Tree at St Luke’s Asylum, London (1861).




Anon., Old inns in Southwark (1878).




Otto von Corvin and Wilhelm Held, Weltgeschichte Fur Das Volk (Verlag und Druck von Otto Spamer, 1880).

Royal Society, Crane Court, off Fleet Street, London: a meeting in progress, with Isaac Newton in the chair, 1883


J. Quartley., Royal Society, Crane Court, off Fleet Street, London: a meeting in progress, with Isaac Newton in the chair (1883).

Beau Nash


Anon.,  Beau Brummell (1886).


Anon. A double-decked meeting house (1891).



Eyre Crowe, Doctor Johnson Receiving Boswell in the Library  (1899).






John Smith, Three Arcadians (n.d., c. 1683-1729).

    Literary Academies
Walpole Deffand


Jean-François de Troy, Lecture dans un salon, dit La Lecture de Molière (n.d.).



Jean-Louis Baptiste Oudry, Le Singe et le léopard (n.d.).


Laurent Guyot, Jardin anglais de Mr le Comte de M. (n.d.)

    Horace Walpole


John Kay, Parliament Close and Public Characters of Edinburgh 50 years since (n.d.).

Walpole Deffand


N. Lafrensen, L'Assemblée au Salon (n.d.).

French fashion


Sabatier and Durin, The Gallery of French Fashions and Costumes (n.d.).

Voltaire et Du Châtelet


Anon., Voltaire et Emilie du Châtelet (n.d.).