How to contribute

Guidelines for DIGIT.EN.S contributors

If you wish to contribute to the DIGIT.EN.S encyclopedia, please check the editorial process described on this page and use the form below to submit your proposal. Once your proposal has been accepted, please download the editorial guidelines.

General guidelines
  • All work should be original and not currently published elsewhere
  • Entries can be written in English or in French
  • Entries should be between 2000 and 2500 words maximum.
  • Connect topic to sociability within first paragraph - this is the key focus.
  • Primary and secondary materials should be properly referenced.
  • Factual information should be included provided it is appropriately linked with the theme of sociability.
  • Where relevant, entries may wish to include contemporary details (for example, film adaptations, restoration of buildings or places people can visit, etc.)
  • All entries should include at least ONE image and reference for that image.
  • The entry should also include a reference to a primary source, in relation to the topic discussed in the entry, that could be part of the anthology. Please specify the page numbers of the extract of the text.
  • We recommend the inclusion of a further reading paragraph to acknowledge the state of the art and encourage references to current research debates.
  • Each entry can include footnotes but should not be too long.
Specific guidelines


  • Biographic material should be included through the lens of sociability
  • For key relationships (friends, relatives, social circles etc.) significant to the entry, ensure details are kept minimal.
  • Where necessary, it is possible to include a list of the individual’s social circles.


  • The focus should remain on the object’s use in sociability.
  • Practical details such as commerce, availability, popularity, specific skills for making said object, influences, importation, advertisement, workshop location, businesses etc., should be included (where appropriate) as a point of interest.

Places and Institutions:

  • Entries on Places and Institutions should remain focused on their role and development into areas of sociability.
  • Locations and dates should be included
  • Architectural information can be included where appropriate


  • Awareness of the practice’s link to sociability should be made explicit (preferably at the beginning of the entry).
  • Include appropriate time frames where applicable
  • Use examples that might help illustrate the practice

Concepts :

  • Highlight the connection between the concept and eighteenth-century sociability
  • When relevant, use practical examples to complement theoretical development
  • Include appropriate time frames
How to submit a proposal

(1) Fill in the online form below to submit your proposal to the General Editor of he DIGIT.EN.S encyclopedia

(2) Once accepted, you will then be given a Word template to complete with the following categories:

  1. Category
  2. Title of entry
  3. Abstract (between 80 - 100 words max.)
  4. Keywords
  5. Content including short footnotes
  6. Further reading (list of 5 to 10 references that reflect key debates on topic)
  7. Links to images and precise references

(3) You will use the following font:

  1. calibri 12 ; blank line 1
  2. short quotation: enclose the quotation within simple quotation marks (‘…’)
  3. long quotation (over 50 words): indent of 1; calibri 11and simple quotation marks ('...')
  4. font for the footnotes: calibri 10

(4) You will send your entry formatted accordingly back to the General Editor for the reviewing process to start.

Download the editorial guidelines        'Conceptualizing sociability' 

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