The Sporting Magazine (1793)

Wheble, John
"GRAND CRICKET MATCH, played in Lords Ground Mary-le-bone, on June 20 ... following day between the EARLS of WINCHELSEA & DARNLEY for 1000 Guineas", in The Sporting Magazine (1793), p. 135.
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The decision of this matter was left to the Turf Club

Sporting intelligence

At the meeting of the Harlow Archery Society, on Harlow Bush Common, last week, the prize of the golden bugle-horn was won by Miss Hamilton. All the beauty, fashion, and conviviality of the country were assembled on this occallon.

We gave an account of a race at Ballythannon, some time ago, between two horses, both of which were to leap a stone wall in running the course. A boy who rode one of them as a feather weight, on coming to the wall alighted, leaped his horse over, climbed the wall, mounted again, and came in first, whose right to the prize was afterwards disputed, because the horse did not carry him over the wall. The decision of this matter was left to the Turf Club, who have given it in favour of the horse rode by the boy, alledging that there being a saddle on the horse's back when he leaped the wall, it was sufficient as a feather weight.


Text taken from The Sporting Magazine; or Monthly calendar of the transactions of the turf, the chace, and every other diversion interesting to the man of pleasure and enterprize. London: printed for the proprietors, and sold by J. Wheble, o. 18. Warwick Square, Warwick Lane, near St. Paul's, 1793. Transcribed by Alain Kerhervé from Google Books.