Sociability and Democratic Practices in Britain and Ireland, 1789-1832

Now available online: Journal LEAVES, n°12, July 2021, co-edited by Rémy Duthille, Magalie Fleurot & Laurence Machet

This issue of Leaves is the result of a collective effort that began in October 2017 with a conference on “Sociability and democratic practices in Great Britain” in the late Georgian period. The conference examined how sociability accommodated a growing number of political demands that were being voiced coming from outside, and often directed against, the principal state and ecclesiastical institutions (the royal court, Parliament, the Church).


- Rémy Duthille, Magalie Fleurot et Laurence Machet (Université Bordeaux Montaigne/CLIMAS) Introduction - p.1-5
- Rachel Rogers (Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès/ CAS – Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes) “A state of permanent popular deliberation is indispensable”: Debating and experimenting participation in British emigrant political culture in revolutionary Paris, 1792-1794 - p.6-29
- Kimberley Page-Jones (Université de Bretagne occidentale/ HCTI - Héritages et Constructions dans le Texte et l'Image)
‟Hard words and hard blows”: Réflexions sur l’éducation à la sociabilité citoyenne par la boxe à l’époque révolutionnaire - p. 30-49
- Keisuke Masaki (Kanagawa University, Japan)
The posthumous cult of Charles James Fox: Whig associations in the 1810s - p.50-86
- Shunsuke Katsuta (University of Tokyo)
“Aggregate meetings” and politics in early nineteenth-century Dublin - p.87-106
- Kate Bowan (Australian National University/ Center for Heritage and Museum Studies)
Eliza Flower’s and Harriet Martineau’s The Gathering of the Unions: From the radical salon to the monster meeting - p. 107-128


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